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The little red farm stand at the corner of west beach rd and route 1 has been a south county institution for 30 years, original owners Woody & Nichole Wooding grew their farm into a popular seasonal south county produce provider. Woody was locally famous for his tomatoes. Nichole’s strong personality lorded over the fruits (and vegetables) of their labor while operating out of the red shed, under an enormous old maple tree.

When Woody and Nicole decided to move on in 2011, Quonnie Farms was introduced to the Jackson family, John and Vicki Jackson operating a much larger farm a few miles away in green hill. (Burnside Acres). They had been selling their produce at the farmers market in Charlestown for 38 seasons. The little red shed in Quonnie gave them a growing space, a few more greenhouses and their own retail outlet for produce. Quonnie Farms was a family affair with son Ben, Daughter Kat and soon to be son-in-law Blake helping out. Eventually Blake and Kat would take over the space completely,

In September 2020, Kat and Blake partnered with members of the community to break ground on the barn that is now our farm market, hoping to provide year round baked goods, bread, produce, flowers, cheeses, grocery, pizza, community and kindness. Quonnie Farms pushed to open before thanksgiving of 2021, to show the community how thankful we were for welcoming us, to give a peak at what we always have to offer, and to hopefully be a part of the dinner tables of many during the holiday season.

Quonochontaug has a rich history and we couldn’t be more happy to be a part of the community’s future.

We strive to do the very best with everything we do every day, but for what we cannot do in our barn or greenhouses, we have partners. This is where the “farms” comes in our name. We aim to work with other local farms and providers as much as possible.

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